Emma Knagg

Parent Rep, Bedford
My name is Emma and I live with my husband on the borders of Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. We have three children all with additional needs. I work part-time as a paramedic. My three children and I are all currently mostly undiagnosed. As a child I had lots of hospital appointments and met lots of professionals who looked at my various symptoms in isolation. It was never really considered that these may all have an underlying cause which connected them all. We also joined SWAN UK in 2012 after a fellow swan mum pointed us in the right direction, it’s an amazing group where I have made lots of friends and there is a wealth of knowledge. I only wish I had known about SWAN UK in the early often very gloomy days. I look forward to meeting more SWAN UK families and helping to raise awareness of the additional challenges associated by being undiagnosed, be it a child or an adult like myself.

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