SWAN UK balloon sends

Children with undiagnosed genetic conditions can spend days, weeks or even months in hospital facing traumatic investigations, treatments or operations.

Every week we send balloons to children who have been in hospital so that we can put a smile on children’s and families’ faces and let them know that they aren’t alone.

These balloons sends are kindly supported by House of Fraser.

We also choose two children at random each week to send special SWAN UK congratulations balloons to so that we can reach out to as many children as possible.

If you’re a SWAN UK member and would like to find out more about our balloon sends or would like to become a member please email: [email protected]

Have you received balloons from us? We love to see your photos and hear you feedback so please get in touch.

‘I just had to send you these photos to say thank you so much for Bea’s balloons that you so very kindly surprised us with on Saturday.

When Bea and I opened the front door and saw the delivery man stood there with this lovely bunch of balloons bobbing around we gasped and laughed ‘wow! Someone’s going to love these!’ as I thought he was asking us to sign for them for a neighbour. Then he said they were for Bea and handed her the enormous bunch whilst she was rooted to the spot with surprise! I insisted we hadn’t ordered any and that it wasn’t her birthday or anything, but he just said ‘they’re yours, read the card…’

We have always felt very lucky for the amazing amount of support we have for Bea, but you have totally bowled us over by what is easily the most lovely single act of kindness we have experienced. I’ll admit that your message in the card actually made me (and my partner!) cry, and I intend to keep it so she can read it for herself when she’s older. Such a lovely gesture and for a lovely reason – not because she’s been brave, or done really well or put up with something, or has had a difficult time, but just because she’s brilliant. And we all think so too!

Needless to say they have been batted, bopped and even cuddled by both of our children all weekend

Just wanted to say please pass on our thanks to everyone involved – this has meant a lot to us and you have made us a very happy family this weekend!

Best wishes,
Sarah, Bea, Dan and Chip. X’

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