Family day out at Cotswold wildlife Park

While organising the SWAN UK trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park it seemed too good an opportunity to be missed so I left London behind to join families on a sunny Wednesday.

I always enjoy meeting families face-to-face. I speak to many virtually by Facebook or email so it’s great to put a face to a name.

A big thanks goes to Parent Rep Aimee Mann who helped organise the event and got up at the crack of dawn with her family to blow up copious amounts of helium balloons and then pack them into her car along with her three children (and husband)! It was worth it as it wasn’t just swans and siblings who were chuffed to walk around with their balloons; other visitors were so drawn by the bright colours that we were inundated with requests for them.

I joined Aimee’s family for most of the day where I got to know her children. I think I made a particularly strong friendship with Freddie who spied my phone and enjoyed looking at the animal photos I had taken. We took the train around the park seeing giraffes, rhinos and elephants to name but a few.

Family days out like these can be rare for SWAN families. It’s often hard to meet up for events and even harder once you’re there to meet up at a designated time, so when we arrived on a large patch of green for lunch it was incredible to see the amount of families there with their balloons.

Parents met, children made friends and it was an extra special day as we celebrated Lilly’s 12th birthday … with lots of chocolate cake.

We even managed to get everyone together for a SWAN UK photo which is no mean feat!


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