Coping & Support workshop

Does your child have global developmental delay but you don’t know the reason why?

Have you been told it’s likely your child has a genetic condition but the doctors can’t identify what that condition is? Does all this uncertainty make it hard for you to cope sometimes?

We know that raising a disabled child can be stressful for parents. When that child has an undiagnosed genetic condition there can be additional pressures and stresses – What will the future hold? Will future children be affected with the same condition? What do I say when people ask the dreaded ‘what’s wrong’ question?

Many parents of children affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions don’t link into support offered to families of disabled children because they feel like they don’t fit in. That’s why SWAN UK (syndromes without a name) has partnered up with Contact in the North East to run this Coping & Support workshop specifically for families of children with undiagnosed genetic conditions.

The event will be followed by lunch if you can stay.

To book your free place please call SWAN UK on 020 7831 0883 or email [email protected]

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