Theresa Hardy

Parent Rep, Plymouth
Hi, I’m Theresa and I live in Plympton, Devon, with my lovely husband Leigh and our four boys. Our boys are Danny, aged 12, Taylor, aged 10, Sonny, aged eight and Jack, aged six – the youngest two are SWANs.  I’ve been a member of SWAN UK for about a year now. When I joined SWAN UK and started reading the posts on the Facebook group it was like a light had switched on – people just ‘got’ it. I went to an information day at a hospital in Truro, Cornwall, back in July and heard that SWAN UK were looking for more Parent Reps. I decided I wanted to volunteer because I wanted to be able to help other families in a similar position to us. I’m hoping that by being a Parent Rep I can help to build a sense of community among SWAN UK members based in Devon. I’m excited to be able to support local families that are experiencing the same difficulties accessing support as we’ve had, and to raise awareness of what it’s like to live the life of a family without a diagnosis. The lack of support that comes with having no diagnosis can be quite daunting, and currently there is no support in Devon specifically aimed at undiagnosed children. The SEND local offer has just had a bit of a makeover, so this is a great time for SWAN UK to make itself more established in Devon.

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