Claudia Beard

Parent Rep, Hampshire
Hello, my name is Claudia and I live a lovely village just outside Winchester, Hampshire. I live with my husband Warren and my three gorgeous boys. Broden (eleven), Chase (five) and my swan Trent (four). We realised from very early on that there was something different about Trent. He wasn’t hitting his milestones, feeding was an issue and he used to literally scream for hours on end. We started to get some diagnoses including global developmental delay (GDD) and autism. He is also non-verbal and hyper-sensitive. Trent has only been walking for just over a year. What makes him our swan is that he has undiagnosed brain damage. We have had two MRI scans, both with very different results, but no answers. While there was information available on GDD and autism, that was easily accessible, and we got lots of leaflets given to us from our paediatrician, there wasn’t anything about how to live without a diagnosis. That’s when I found SWAN UK. It is comforting to know that there are families out there that truly know what it is like having a swan. I am really looking forward to meeting other swan families and introducing them to the SWAN UK support network.

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