Rachael Ford

Parent Rep, Newcastle
Hi, I’m Rachael and I’m the Parent Rep for Newcastle and one of two Parent Reps based in the North East. I live in Newcastle with my husband Dave and our marvellous megabrood,Edith who is nearly eight, Violet who is six and twins Alba and Nell who are four. When Violet was a baby she didn’t reach her developmental milestones when expected such as rolling, sitting and pulling to stand. She was referred to a physiotherapist at eleven months old and we were told she had hypermobility. We took this as the answer to her difficulties and believed with physiotherapy intervention she would ‘catch up’. When Violet was 28 months old Alba and Nell were born. By then Violet was also delayed with her speech and language development and learning. When Nell’s development was also delayed and she also had, like Violet, hypermobility, low muscle tone and episodes of hypoglycaemia, we started to think that their difficulties were part of a bigger picture. We felt confused and alone until meeting another mam who told us about SWAN UK. Through SWAN UK I have found a support network and made some fantastic friends. I am thrilled to be joining the team of Parent Reps, welcoming more members and promoting SWAN UK to professionals. If you’d like to get in touch email: [email protected] or send me a Facebook message: bit.ly/rachaelford.

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