Undiagnosed Children’s Day – Recipe for Putting the ‘Fun’ in Fundraising!

The 29th of April is Undiagnosed Children’s Day – a nationwide event to increase awareness of undiagnosed genetic conditions and raise funds to support SWAN UK (syndromes without a name), the only dedicated support available in the UK for families of children with undiagnosed genetic conditions.

We’ve been busy here at SWAN UK HQ thinking about all the different ways you could get involved. Today we are talking about arranging a fundraising event – keep your eyes peeled for most posts coming up soon!

Arranging a fundraising event

Mini Carnival

First, get permission from whoever is in charge!

Second, rally up friends, family and colleagues. This is one event they will not want to miss out on!

Be prepared to multitask and delegate. Make sure you have enough people to help out on the day.

Once you have enough people, break down the event and consider who is going to do what.Create leaflets and posters and hand them out to everyone including parents, grandparents and close friends. This doesn’t have to be expensive- I always think getting the kids involved adds a nice touch, but it’s completely up to you- be as creative as you want!

Get everyone to attend for an action packed day.


Consider the date – make sure it doesn’t clash with other local events happening. Break down the event and consider who is going to do what, below are some examples of what to consider:

Think of a theme
Find a suitable venue – is it accessible? does it meet all your needs? is there somewhere with soft play or a sensory room you could use?

Food- have a budget in mind and maybe see if local cafes/ restaurants will donate. Keep your theme in mind.

Gather some products to sell- either from local businesses or donations from friends and families.

Entertainment- Get the kids involved, battle of the bands, tug of war, balloon racing

Plan the area and setting up- how is everything going to be set up?

Organise a list of volunteers to help on the day.

Think of pricing- will you charge for entry? How much?


(we’re getting to the fun part don’t worry). What kind of age ranges will be attending? Have you got a range of different activities for them all to enjoy?

Ideas for activities could include:

Pie the piper- Whether it is your school principal, manager at work or a family member, grab a pie and pie them!-
Guess who?- Why not get all the adults to bring a picture of themselves from when they were younger and everyone has to guess who is who. Guess them all right and win a prize!

Guessing booth- have jars of sweets and get people to guess how many sweets there are in one jar, closest person wins the jar.

Have an arts and craft area- make swan garlands, decorate a cupcake …

Tombolo, treasure island or lucky dip – can you get local businesses to donate prizes?

Goalllll!- Set up a goalie competition, set up two teams, both with a goal keeper. Once teams have been selected both teams must score as many goals as they can in 5 minutes.

If your mini carnival is happening at school, see what PE equipment they have- use this to your advantage, think hula hoops and mini bean bags.

Face painting/balloon modelling


Remember the aim of the day is to help raise money and awareness for SWAN UK. You’ll need to have a fairly strict approach to the daily proceedings and keep track of all expenses. When organising an event like this it is a good idea to seek out local businesses and see if they can donate anything, whether it be food, gifts or their services. Asking co workers and parents is always a good idea as they may know someone who can offer gifts for competitions or auctions.


Auctions are a good way to raise extra income, you can use anything from local business products, new items, impressive looking cakes (some cake shops may donate a cake), find out if anyone has a holiday home they don’t mind using in the auction- who doesn’t love a break away!


This is optional- raffles are a great way to get some extra fundraising money- prizes can be as little or as large as you want. Again try and get local businesses involved and see if they are willing to donate anything you can use. Getting local businesses involved also helps promote them as a company- think local restaurants maybe a meal for 2, spas and salons.

Top Tip

Sell tickets in advance, on the door and have volunteers walking around selling them to people who haven’t bought one yet. Please note that if you are planning on holding a raffle there are some legal requirements to consider. Take a look at our handy legal tips to make sure you’re fully covered.

What other ideas can you think of? I’d love to hear them! For more information you can also download our fundraising pack:


Don’t forget we can supply you with SWAN UK balloons, tablecloth and leaflets – just drop me an email so I know what you are planning and when – [email protected].

We want your fundraising to be safe and legal – check out our handy legal tips here.

6000 disabled children are born every year with a syndrome without a name.

We have a big ambition here at SWAN UK – we want to ensure every one of these families has the support they need, when they need it.

We currently has around 2000 members with more making contact every day but we know there are so many more out there who need our support – our aim is to double our membership by 2017.

This year our Big Ambition is even more challenging for us as both of our main grants from The Big Lottery end this year, your fundraising will make a direct impact on how much support we are able to continue providing to families after they finish.

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