Undiagnosed Children’s Day: Ideas for schools

Fundraising in schools doesn’t have to be difficult – it can be a fun and rewarding experience for children.

Telling a story and having fun can give them a chance to learn about something they may never have heard about – like SWAN UK. Here at SWAN UK we’ve come up with a range of different school activities for all ages to get involved in.

  • Probably the easiest and most fun – get all the children to dress up as detectives for the day and donate £1- print out our detective props from our kids pack and get messy!
  • Maybe you could host a scavenger hunt for younger children and use our detective props to find them.
  • Hold a variety of different detective themed games, have detective props scattered around the school and get teams to find all the items which complete an outfit; the team that completes their outfit wins. You could also hold a ‘Baby Who?’ game where teachers or pupils bring in a picture of when they were a baby and write five clues so people can guess who the picture belongs to.

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