Undiagnosed Children’s Day 2019

We’re looking forward to celebrating our awareness day, Undiagnosed Children’s Day, with you, on Friday 26 April and would love for you to get involved.

Why not get your child’s school or nursery involved? Click here to read and download our flyer for schools and nurseries.

 You could also get your business involved. Click here to read and download our flyer for businesses. 

If you have any questions about fundraising for SWAN UK this Undiagnosed Children’s Day email: [email protected].

This April we will be celebrating our seventh annual nationwide awareness day, Undiagnosed Children’s Day. Our theme this year will be lions and we will be focusing on the bravery shown by children, young adults and siblings affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions. Being undiagnosed affects the whole family and we want to communicate the pride that family members feel for their children and celebrate their resilience. We also want to show how families affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions come together and support each other through the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Children, young adults and their families affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions are brave every day, just like lions. This year we are asking you help us make the loudest roar to celebrate these families and the pride that their children bring.

Children and young adults affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions (along with their siblings) show their courage on a daily basis – just like lions, they are truly brave.

  • These acts of bravery can be ‘everyday’ tasks to other children, but for undiagnosed children are big achievements. E.g. Learning a new skill, managing to do something for the first time or just never giving up trying.
  • It can sometimes be the smallest things that require courage and strength.
  • The number of appointments, hospital admissions, operations and therapies mean that these children go through more than most adults would cope with. Just like lions they face these challenges with courage, resilience, and strength.

Having an undiagnosed genetic condition affects the whole family, which is why these families demonstrate fierce loyalty and protection, just like what you find in a pride of lions.

  • Families living with undiagnosed genetic conditions have to take care of each other through difficult times. Just like lions, they stick together and tackle problems as a group.
  • Children often have many hospital appointments and procedures, which their families have to support them through. The wider family often also play a role such as helping out with childcare for siblings.
  • They have to cope with new medications/treatments. It takes hours of therapy, dedication and patience to attempt new activities.

The SWAN UK network is one large community, one large family, one large pride – support these fierce families for Undiagnosed Children’s Day. Show us how brave you are and raise money today.

  • What will you do to support all the courageous children and young adults affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions?
  • Do something brave this Undiagnosed Children’s Day. Help SWAN UK to celebrate and support these #roarsome children!
  • Be fearless this Undiagnosed Children’s Day and take on a challenge to support SWAN UK.

Show us what you’re made of this Undiagnosed Children’s Day and do something #roarsome to support these courageous families.


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