Trip to Dublin Zoo

On Saturday 12 August some of the Northern Ireland SWAN UK members made their way to meet up with other families at Dublin Zoo. 

The sun was shining and when everyone arrived we got a group photo. We set off and everyone stopped to feed the ducks!

Some of us went as a group while others preferred to just go along at their own pace and more importantly do what suited the kids!

We had arranged to meet up at the picnic area for lunch so we could chill out and get to know each other! Some of us had met before and it was also lovely to introduce ourselves to those we hadn’t met.

It was a very chilled out relaxed day! We walked and talked and watched our kids interact with one another and obviously the animals were amazing! The Zoo was very busy and after lunch we moved on to finish off the rest of the zoo and again we planned to meet up again at the petting farm to get more photos and to say our goodbyes! It was a fabulous day and everyone had a great time. The kids were all exhausted and the parents were too. We did however agree to meet up again soon in a relaxed way where we can spend more time together.

Thanks to SWAN UK for making this day possible for us all. 

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