To celebrate Undiagnosed Children’s Day this year we are launching our #SWANIN60SECONDS challenge – can you make an origami swan in less than a minute?

All you need is your smartphone camera and a square piece of paper (as big or as small as you like!) If you are feeling brave you can freestyle, otherwise check out our handy video below, instructions and template to get you started.

When you are ready, switch on your video, set your timer and off you go!

Share the results (good, bad or just hilarious!) on your social media, make a donation and then nominate six or your friends to either donate or take the challenge.

Don’t forget to add a donate button or text to donate details – text ‘SWANUK’ followed by the donation amount up to a maximum of £20 to 70085 (‘SWANUK5’ would donate £5).


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