SWAN UK Virtual Coffee Meets

A couple of years ago in the Genetic Alliance UK (the charity that runs SWAN UK) office we started something called ‘Random Coffee Trials’.

We like caffeine in our office so it sounded intriguing and like some kind of exciting tasting experience. It was in fact an initiative to randomly match colleagues with one another so that they could go and chat for an hour outside of the office about whatever they fancied … most importantly over a coffee.

It’s been a successful initiative and every month we get partnered with someone new. Our meet-ups often take place face-to-face in a local coffee shop, but there are some colleagues who work remotely so we have to improvise with Skype, Facebook or old-fashioned telephone. It’s a great way to get to know colleagues who we see less frequently. We can use the time to chat about things we are working on or about nothing work related at all.

After reflecting on a summer packed with family events, we got to thinking about families who find it challenging to come along to events.

We wanted to give these members the chance to be able to chat to other members without having to leave the house and without children in tow so in September we launched our new Virtual Coffee Meet project!

Based on the Random Coffee Trials we host in the office, we hope that the Virtual Coffee Meets will be a great way for members to make new friends from the SWAN UK community. Each month we will match members after which you will have a month to arrange your Virtual Coffee Meet at a time and via a method that suits you both.

If you’re a SWAN UK member and you’d like to take part in the Virtual Coffee Meets please email [email protected].

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