Hi, I’m Aimee and the Parent Representative for SWAN UK in Warwickshire. Today my Husband Ollie, swan Freddie, Bella, Jago, Grandma, Teddy the dog and I spent an amazing day at the Cotswold Wildlife Park with huge thanks to SWAN UK.

This is my third year arranging this trip and it has been so much fun. The fantastic Miriam Ingram from the SWAN UK office came along too and joined the madness of our family. We even made her come on the train with us. Managed to squeeze all seven of us into the one carriage along with the dog and a balloon.

It was so great to see lots of familiar faces and also to meet some new SWAN UK families. We got a great photo of us all.

We saw zebras, rhinos, giraffes, meerkats, cheetahs and Lions plus some brilliant monkeys all chatting to each other and making a total racket, and many more fabulous animals.

The children loved the play area, we had a picnic and ice cream. There is always so much to see at Cotswold Wildlife Park, the layout is accessible and fantastically there is a Changing Places.

On the way home in the car, Ollie asked the children what their favourite animals were. Freddie chose the lions, Bella chose the giraffes because they tried to lick her hand from the viewing platform and Jago chose the monkeys.

Thank you to everyone who came. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and hopefully I will see you again soon.



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