Running the London Marathon for SWAN UK: meet Natasha

We’re so excited that three SWAN UK members are running the London Marathon in April 2017!






Senior Film & Animation Designer

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Hello! I’m Natasha but everyone calls me Tash! I’m a Senior Film & Animation Designer for a branding agency in London. My career keeps me extremely busy as I spend my days making films and working in a super creative environment!

Introduce your family:

So there’s my Mum Elizabeth, my Dad David, our beautiful Swan Melissa, myself & my boyfriend Chris.

Do you have any running experience?

Nope! I haven’t got any running experience at all! I did run a 5k Race for Life with my Mum a few years ago but I only started running officially & seriously when I discovered I’d been accepted into the 2017 Virgin London marathon.

How long have you been a member of SWAN UK?

We’re actually very new members!

Why are you running in the marathon for SWAN UK?

I’m running for a special little lady, my younger sister Melissa.

Melissa was born with and suffers from mental and severe learning difficulties – 25 years later she is still undiagnosed. Really it is incredible to think that right now, there’s not a single other person in the world like her, she really is 100% unique and that should be celebrated. My sister is a wonderful and incredibly special young woman who brings us all and everyone she meets so much joy. We’re very lucky in lots of ways and I’m sure there are many families who share that feeling. My mum was just 25 when she had my sister and so the support from organisations like SWAN UK didn’t exist and it’s so important that families do not feel isolated; to do that it’s about finding various ways to spread the word and fundraise.

What’s going to get you through all the training?

Plenty of running and rest is going to get me through the training, making sure that I’m eating well & most of all making sure I’m enjoying it. I’ve found a freedom through running I never thought I would have. I definitely have taken for granted how lucky I am to be able to be active and do simple things like go for a run. I absolutely have days when I’d rather stay warm and cosy indoors, especially now it’s winter but my boyfriend Chris who I am training with is a brilliant motivator!

Do you have a secret weapon?

Stretching, stretching, stretching! Oh and music, there’s always music playing somewhere, on my ipod, indoors, in the car. If my sister is choosing the playlist it’s probably the Grease soundtrack you’ll hear on repeat, much to my Dad’s delight!

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