Rosie’s 100km walk around Ibiza

Rosie completed a 100 kilometre fundraising walk in Ibiza and raised a huge £2,693.63. This was split between SWAN UK, Jessie May and Children’s Hospice South West. She told all about why she chose this challenge and about the different events and obstacles that took place during the walk:

I’ve always done a lot of charity fundraising through challenges, like climbing Kilimanjaro for TrekStock, and being an ambassador for Action Aid’s Syrian refugee campaign. My cousin Jesse Burrows and I were speaking and I said I wanted to raise money for something closer to home and he mentioned three amazing charities that support him and his family and their daughter Ella. So I decided to do something to raise money for those charities. I knew it needed to be something big because people are a little weary of sponsoring me for things!

I was due to do the ultra-challenge on the Thames Path in 2020, which was postponed due to Covid-19. I then moved to Ibiza and met a guy called Toby who runs Walking Ibiza, who crafted a route for me to follow. I then met a wonderful girl called Andrea who on hearing about my plans, said she would join me on the walk. We set off at 22:00 and wiggled our way around the island. By 6:00 we’d done 40km and we were sore. We had breakfast out the back of my boyfriend’s car who had met us every 10km throughout the night. We had planned on doing the walk in January 2021 but ended up doing it in May instead, so we knew it would get hot… and it did! As the sun came up it sapped our energy. Our feet hurt and our bodies were knackered. We ploughed on, our pace slowing down. Our friends joined us with supplies and an energy boost but sadly none of that was enough to ward off the growing blisters that took over my entire right foot joining up, then bleeding. At 16:00 when we were 75km in, we had to stop. In tears, we knew we would finish one day. So in July, we set off, doggy in tow, at 19:00 to do the last 25km. We will try the whole thing again in October completing the 100km in one go, hopefully!!


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