Office Olympics fundraising

In light of Olympics 2016 coming back to our TV screens we’ve come up with a fun mini Olympics for the office. Grab your work colleagues and get everyone in the Olympic spirit. Ensure you have enough people so you can team and really battle it out!

Choose a donation price, we recommend a minimum of £5 but it’s entirely up to you. Come up with some office style olympics- think about the materials you have available, the office layout and furniture.

A few ideas to help get you started

  1. Tie tying contest- who can tie their tie in the fastest time.
  2. Longest paperclip chain in 15 seconds
  3. Paper airplane javelin
  4. Bin archery- Grab some waste paper and screw up around 10 balls- the first team that makes the most the most paper balls in the bin wins.
  5. Paper punch- all you need is a hole punch and piece of paper; first person to make the most holes in 30 seconds wins.
  6. Chair racing- 2 chairs, 2 people; get someone to sit on a wheely chair and push them, whoever goes the furthest wins.

Don’t forget

  1. An office torch! It won’t be an olympics without one
  2. Someone to keep score
  3. To have FUN!

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