Liverpool coffee meet

We have coffee mornings across the UK for SWAN UK members.

Parents of children with undiagnosed genetic conditions often feel isolated and alone. Our coffee mornings are a great way for members to meet up with other parents in a relaxed environment.

We’ll cover the cost of coffee, you just need to arrange your own travel!

SWAN UK member Sara Horsman says:

‘SWAN UK Coffee mornings allow me to let off steam as well as have a laugh with people who understand the frustration that having no diagnosis can and does bring. It’s an opportunity to catch up with friends already made and to make new ones when life is so very isolating at times.’

This event is open to all SWAN UK registered members and you will need to book beforehand if you would like to attend. Book by responding to the event invite in the North West Facebook group if you’re already a member. If you are a member of SWAN UK and need to be added to this group or you’re not on Facebook email our Parent Rep for the North West, Tina Nesbitt: [email protected]

If you’d like to become a member or find out more visit or email: [email protected] and let us know that you’d like to join the eve

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