Let’s make some noise

Last month we asked you to nominate SWAN UK for Starbucks’ Community Fund and thanks to you we will be receiving £500 … but you can help us make it £1000!

How can you help?

This December (up until 24 December) SWAN UK needs your help in making as much neighbourly noise as possible. This means jumping on the neighbourly site and Twitter and making ‘neighbourly noise’. Have a read below for a guide on how you can help us make as much noise as possible. 

Neighbourly Noise: If you haven’t done so already head over to our neighbourly page and follow, like and write a comment to us. The more activity our neighbourly page has the more noise we make.

Twitter: If your’re on Twitter send us a tweet using #RedCupCheer – brownie points if you can get an artsy picture of your Starbucks Christmas cup to share.

Here is an example of a tweet to get you started:

  • Help @SWAN_UK win £1000! For every like and RT this post gets @SWAN_UK has a chance of winning £1000 from @StarbucksUK #RedCupCheer

For more information on Starbucks community cause click here.

Want to make a direct donation to SWAN UK, head over to our get involved page for more information.

What are you waiting for, lets make some noise!

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