Introducing SWAN UK Parent Rep for London: Jane Curzon

Hi, I’m Jane, mum to a delightful little girl, Emily, aged 6, and we live in the Richmond upon Thames area, South West London.

When Emily was six months old we became increasingly concerned that our darling little baby wasn’t meeting the typical developmental milestones and started raising concerns with the various health professionals. And so our journey began. Emily is non-verbal, has hypermobility, GDD and complex learning difficulties. She is under an expert team of professionals, attends a wonderful Special Needs School and is making steady progress.

We found SWAN UK in 2012 – our lifeline!

SWAN UK has given us immense support and stability in our lives. As a Parent Rep, I want to increase awareness of SWAN UK across London through working with medical professionals and reach out and support our community of families of children affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions. I feel extremely privileged to be a part of such an incredible network and exceptional team.

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