I’m Marie and I have two children Henry (6) and Dottie (4) with my husband of 10 years Mike. I am originally from Wales and still very much Welsh even though I’ve not lived there for many years. Having lived in London for over 15 years we have recently moved to a beautiful and unique village called Forest Row in Sussex and this really feels like home.
How long have you been a member of SWAN UK?
I joined SWAN UK approx. 2 years ago having come across it during one of my late night google searches trying to find some answers.
Why have you decided to volunteer as a SWAN UK Parent Rep?
I have previously been involved in raising money for SWAN UK and it’s a charity close to my heart as my youngest child Dottie is a swan. Dottie has now started school (20 hours a week) so I have a little bit of time to do something different, learn some new skills, use my brain and skills in a different way while also contributing something to the charity.
Have you done anything similar to this before?
I used to work for Cancer Research UK project managing innovation in the fundraising team before Henry was born. So I have worked for a charity which I found hugely rewarding especially compared to the corporate world that I had been working within for approx. 8 years previous to this. I think the skills I have learnt in the work place and also importantly the skills I have learn as a SAHM will be useful to draw upon for this role.
What do you hope to get out of the role?
I hope to learn new skills, meet new people and this may be a stepping stone to further charity work when the time is right for me and my family.
What do you think are the key issues affected undiagnosed families in your local area?
I am still very new to the area however I would like to raise the profile of SWAN UK with families affected with an undiagnosed condition who are not aware of the charity and their work. I would also like to raise the charities profile with professionals and explain the challenges families like mine face and how they could help.

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