Introducing our London Marathon runner, Gavin Kowalski

Meet Gavin Kowalski, our London Marathon runner.   


Gavin Kowalski


36 (although I will be 37 when the Marathon happens)


Sales Manager

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a Rugby mad, proud husband and father. I love food, drink and generally having a good time. I love the work I do as it enables me to meet loads of different and interesting people and to travel and see different parts of the UK and Europe. I studied Rugby and Beer at Cardiff University and, after ten years living in South London I now live in South East Cornwall.

Introduce your family:

My wife is Katherine and she works as the Head of Marketing for a local healthcare trust. She is a fantastic wife and mother, she has fought extremely hard for our son Lawrence (swan) to get him into the right school, get him the right equipment and create the best life possible for him.

My eldest is Beatrice; she is a bright, creative, sensitive, beautiful young girl, who loves her brother dearly, except when she wants to watch something other than Peppa Pig on the TV.

Lawrence is our swan. He is the most fantastic little boy that I have ever known. Despite being non-verbal you always know what he is thinking. He is a terrible flirt, and has a wonderfully devious laugh. He is obsessed with Peppa Pig and will normally tolerate a game of rugby (except when England are playing badly)

Do you have any running experience?

After eventually realising that I was never going to get picked for England, I took up running, mostly mud runs and obstacle courses so far (Tough Mudder 2014). I managed to raise over £1500 for SWAN UK in 2014 run and am determined to break the £2000 mark this time round.


How long have you been a member of SWAN UK?

It must be close to four years now.

Why are you running in the marathon for SWAN UK?

It is such a fantastic organisation, and it has done so much for us, I feel duty bound to do my bit.

What’s going to get you through all the training?

To be honest our house can get a bit crazy at times, so this gives me a great excuse to get out and have some peace and quiet. Most of my training runs are on the coast path, and you can’t beat the views; it makes the pain and suffering easier to handle.

Do you have a secret weapon?

Kettle Bell swings! My kettle bell is the best bit of training equipment that I have. It really compliments the running to make sure that I am fully fit for any long run. I have had the same kettle bell for about five years now and it is fair to say that I am very attached to it.


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