Introducing Indy – Miss Moo!

This is my Indy, Miss Moo. Then and Now.

She was born a week early weighing 9lb 8 and fine, and it has been a very gradual process of thinking something was not quite right, to wrong, to persuading professionals, through tests to where we are now.

Indy struggled to feed – due to being unable to move food around her mouth, she’s had reflux and has been extremely slow in hitting milestones.

She walked at two years and two months and that is really where her development stopped. She now struggles with fine motor controls, visual processing disorder, other sensory oddities, she’s non-verbal and unable to communicate by any means. Cognitively she made it to about 18 months but has since regressed to nine months – one years old. Recent discussions have been around the fact that we now think that her cognitive progression has stopped completely as she has made no new milestones since she was four.

She is now seven and a half. We currently cope with self injurious behaviours triggered by sensory overloads, demand overloads and lack of understanding.That all being said, she smiles, laughs (even in her sleep) gives kisses and is my little girl.

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