Give while you sip

Let’s spread the Christmas cheer early this year. This year during the festive period, Starbucks are supporting another 250 fantastic causes to receive a donation and SWAN UK wants to be one of them! Starbucks are now taking nominations for their Christmas charities. The first 250 nominations will be able to take part in their exciting festive campaign which will involve a whole lot of noise, a dash of fun and a sprinkling of festive cheer on top. Each cause will receive a donation of £500 or £1,000 from Starbucks’s community fund.

To nominate SWAN UK all you need to do is email your nomination to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Nominate my charity’ and the information below by 17th November.

The charity I’d like to nominate is…

Name of Charity: SWAN UK



Contact Details:

For more information on Starbucks community cause click here.

Want to make a direct donation to SWAN UK, head over to our get involved page for more information.

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