Give it up already!  

Are you ready to give up something next month? Are you a chocoholic? Maybe you want to banish the booze for a month? Whatever you decide to give up we’ll be here to support you.

Pop these dates in your diary and try something new this month:

  • 27 May is National give up wine for a week
  • 31 May is National no smoking day
  • 15 June is National no beer for a week

Are you up for the challenge of giving up one of these for a week … or even a month if you’re feeling brave? Don’t fancy any of our suggested ones? Why not pick your own.

Head over to our Virgin Money Giving page and create your fundraising page to collect your donations- you can even download and print our sponsorship form which can be found in our Fundraising Pack.

If you need any help or information get in touch with us at [email protected].

Remember anything you choose to do whether big or small will be a huge help to SWAN UK.

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