Give back Friday

The weekend of November 27 has quickly become one of the biggest shopping extravaganzas of the year. I know it’s not quite Christmas day, but it certainly feels like it when there’s a price-slashing frenzy on almost everything.

If you’re anything like me you’ll wait until the very last minute, join in with the thousands of people rushing around Oxford Street, trying to find that perfect gift for family and friends. This year I plan to be on top form, and you can be too.

November 27- also known as Black Friday, is probably the best and worst day to do Christmas shopping; with thousands of shoppers going absolutely wild for items they’ve had their eyes on for weeks. This year you can not only do your shopping early, but you can also raise money for SWAN UK by doing all your Christmas or non-Christmas shopping online.

Easyfundraising has dubbed Black Friday as ‘Give Back Friday’. Last year an estimated £810 million was spent in the UK. This year it is expected that over £1 billion is expected to be spent. That means almost £14.6million pounds could be raised for charities and good causes in just one day.

Let’s spread the word and get everyone we know doing their Christmas shopping online while helping support SWAN UK. Sign up here! You can also make a one off donation to SWAN UK by visiting our Just Giving page.

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