Family day out at Wheelgate Adventure Park

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a SWAN UK day trip to Wheelgate Adventure Park just outside Mansfield, Nottinghamshire thanks to Thomas Cook Children’s charity who are helping to support SWAN UK’s family events.

Part of my role as volunteer Parent Rep for SWAN UK is organising day trips for parents locally and yesterday’s trip was just one of many that’s planned across the country.

The weather wasn’t as hot as it was last week but it was still warm – grey clouds and only a touch of rain.

When I first looked at Wheelgate Adventure Park I did wonder if there was something that all ages would enjoy as SWAN UK caters for children 0-25 with undiagnosed genetic conditions. Bug (my swan) is 12 and Bow (my non- swan) is 15 so I did wonder if they would enjoy it … they loved it … well apart from the usual pre-teen/ teenage hormones. There was something for everyone from the sand area for the under 5’s to the water park for all ages.

When we first arrived we went straight to the tropical house where Bug loved seeing the crocodiles. Shame the parrot was away on holiday, and yes I was actually jealous of the parrot; I think I need a holiday.

Then we hit the maze; we never made it to the middle but we did find the exit. Brilliant detective work by Bug.

Bug loved the whole day and even played in the sand pit (sorry it was for under 5’s but kids all ages love playing in the sand). Then it was time for a lunch break and a group photo of everyone from SWAN UK who attended the event.

We didn’t stay much longer as we had to get back for Bug’s dance class and he was so exhausted but we did manage to see a replica of a plane and I mustn’t forget the gift shop which didn’t cost me as much I’d expected!

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