Evana is two years old. She loves Peppa Pig, cats and anything that lights up! She hates anything noisy. 

We noticed Evana was delayed quite early on; she still couldn’t roll over at 10 months old, but we were told to wait. She still wasn’t weight-bearing at 17 months old so we took her to the GP who referred us to the paediatrician. She’s since been referred to Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Therapy. Evana is also delayed in her speech and fine-motor skills.

Evana has had her microarray tests but as of yet, there is no reason for her Global Developmental Delay (GDD).

Evana is also short-sighted and although she doesn’t need glasses yet, the optometrist has said that she eventually will. Evana’s biggest accomplishment to date was when she took her first steps two days before her second birthday!

Evana’s delays mean that she finds it hard to keep up with her sister and to play with her younger brother. She also finds it more difficult to do things than a child of the same age and it takes her so much effort to do things which means that she is constantly exhausted. She also has a lot of pain in her legs and sometimes her arms.

Because Evana requires a lot of attention, it has meant that sometimes her three-year-old sister, Erica and four-month-old brother, Ellery, don’t always get as much attention as they should. It also means there is a lot more planning for a day out than a ‘normal’ family would have. It’s also quite stressful sometimes to understand Evana’s needs and wants as she can’t express herself. We’ve also faced quite a lot of strange looks from people and the odd bit of ignorance and ‘oh she doesn’t look different.’

Apart from this, Evana is the happiest little girl. She never stops smiling and the words that she does have, she never stops using, especially Peppa or mow (Evana’s word for cat.)

We don’t know when or if Evana will ever catch up and we don’t know how she’ll progress or what issues she might face in the future, but we’ve learnt to take every day as it comes with regards to Evana’s development and to really praise any achievements she makes.

Only last week we were really excited because she had learnt to pick something up and walk with it! So we celebrate things that can seem quite insignificant to other families.  

We found out about SWAN UK when I was googling Global Developmental Delay to try and see if there were any other families with children like Evana. Since then, we’ve realised that we’re not the only family with a child with GDD and not the only family having the same experience as we do with Evana. The SWAN UK online forums have also opened our eyes to other problems, and even helped us realise other things that are ‘different’ about Evana, and now we can get help with them.

We’re still quite new to the world of GDD and SWAN UK but even in the short time that we have been a part of it, it has helped us as a family immensely!


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