Caffé Nero support SWAN UK

Last year we were fortunate to have Caffé Nero supporting SWAN UK. They held our collection tins in 10 of their stores across North London and put together a raffle for their customers to raise money for SWAN UK.

Our Big Ambition is that all families who have a child affected by a syndrome without a name get the support they need, when they need it, and we’d like to say a big thank you to the stores and the Caffé Nero Foundation for giving us the chance to reach out to more families.

Caffé Nero store manager for Hampstead, Jennifer Delvael, said:

“SWAN UK is really close to my heart because my nephew Arthur was born with an undiagnosed genetic condition. It was the hardest period of our lives. There was no charity to help us and no one who could give us answers or directions. We felt completely isolated and lost as we could not understand what was happening or worse what will happen. It brought all of us close to despair. It was hard to remain positive and people did not understand why we were so sad and frightened every day. It would have made a huge difference if we had the possibility to meet with other people experiencing the same situation. Not being understood was the hardest part.

“Unfortunately Arthur is not with us anymore and I’d love to support SWAN UK in making sure other families affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions will have the full support they need.”

The Caffé Nero Foundation matched funds raised by Jennifer. A spokesperson from the Caffé Nero Foundation Nero said:

“Every year the Caffè Nero Foundation supports our team members across the country in fundraising for causes and charities that are important to them or their communities. When Jennifer came to us and explained the kind of challenges faced by families affected by undiagnosed genetic conditions we felt we had to help. The Nero Foundation chose her and SWAN UK to benefit from a grant that would match the amount that she raised. We’re proud of Jennifer’s efforts and really pleased to be able to make a positive difference to such a deserving cause that continues to do great things for families in need.”

We know there are so many more families out there who need our support so we want to try and double our membership by 2017.

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