Will you help celebrate our 10th birthday by taking part in our new fundraising challenge?

As part of our 10th birthday celebrations we’re asking you, your family and friends to take part in our #10MyWayChallenge to raise vital funds so we can
keep supporting undiagnosed families for the next 10 years.

Taking part is easy – just follow the steps below!

Choose your challenge:

All you need to do is dream up your #10MyWay challenge –  an activity of your choice based around the number 10. You can do all on one day or over the course of 10 days (or maybe for 10 minutes every day).

Your 10 could be walking 10 meters or miles, scoring 10 goals, baking 10 different types of cakes (and selling them to your friends), climbing 10 flights of stairs, hopping 10 laps of the garden, sliding down a slide 10 times, building 10 sandcastles, wearing your hair 10 different ways, flipping 10 pancakes, giving 10 people your best smile, a 10 minute or hour silence – anything at all, inside or outside. It’s your chance to do it your way!

Choose your date:

You can pick any day you want to complete your challenge but to help you decide we are running four #10MyWay ten day challenge periods throughout the

  • Summer holidays: 1-10 August 2021
  • Half term: 21-31 October 2021
  • Christmas: 1-10 December 2021

Choose your fundraising platform:

Share on Facebook or Instagram, set up JustGiving Page, or ask people to sponsor you the old fashioned way with the form in our fundraising pack.

Sign up to tell us what you are doing by registering here – you’ll get a medal and a certificate once you complete your challenge!

Don’t forget to share your 10 on social media, using the hashtag #10MyWay and tag us so we can repost.

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