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SWAN UK North East Christmas Party

Last Reviewed 7/12/2016


16/12/10 12:30 pm - 16/12/10 2:30 pm


The Alan Shearer Centre


Are you based in the North East?

If you’re a SWAN UK member why not come along with your family to our Christma Party at the Alan Shearer Centre in Newcastle.

It’s free for SWAN UK members to attend and it’s a great chance chance to catch up with other local SWAN UK families.

This event is open to all SWAN UK registered members and spaces are limited so you will need to book beforehand if you would like to attend. Book by emailing or responding to the event invite in the North East Facebook group if you’re already a member. If you need to be added to this group email: 

If you’d like to become a member so that you can attend our fun, free family events, or you’d like to find out more visit or email:

You can also contact us with any questions by emailing:

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