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Undiagnosed Children's Day throwback

Last Reviewed 27/04/2017

By miriam ingram, swan uk

Tomorrow is Undiagnosed Children's Day so we thought we'd share pieces from some of our bloggers and media coverage that we had last year.


SWAN UK members' blogs 

Twelve months on ...  
Wonderfully weird  
Frustration, swearing and tears  
Shoulda woulda coulda  
Past, present, future  

SWAN UK members in the news 
My SWAN journey from denial to motivation with my undiagnosed son
Eight things I've learnt about life with an undiagnosed child
Helstons family speak of caring for son with mystery illness ...
My son's diagnosis is first of its kind

Click the links below to find out more about this year's Undiagnosed Children's Day. 

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