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Undiagnosed Children's Day Instagram Challenge - Day 1 #selfie

Last Reviewed 03/04/2017

By jo burt, swan uk parent rep for the east midlands and blogger -

Here’s my first Micro blog for SWAN UK's Undiagnosed Children's Day Instagram Challenge.

The challenge involves posting a different photo for each day running up to the big day itself, Friday 28 April. I rashly said I’d do a little micro blog for each photo I posted … and I really mean micro!

Day 1 Selfie

Our little man can’t take his own selfie, he just doesn’t have the fine motor skill or understanding, but here’s one taken by his Dad. Jacob loves a bath, showers, swimming pools and hot tubs - anything involving water. This is his selfie whilst having his morning shower. He’s quite rowdy in the mornings!

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